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Emenu is Belize’s first fully equipped ordering system for restaurants and food venues. You can choose between digital menus, contactless, online ordering or all in 1.

Emenu is not a delivery service. We are an online ordering system designed to be applicable to venues of all sizes.

In an effort to improve the standard of technology in hospitality we also offer an in house service of digital menus and contactless ordering from the table.

The opportunity to use Emenu for in house or third party delivery is also available.

With 3 flexible options, you have the ability to choose what’s most suitable for you. Each with their own terms.

  • Monthly- No contract required, upfront payment, cancel anytime. Launch ad on Emenu social media

  • Semi-Annually- Terms and Agreement contract, cancellation fee, 10% disc. on 1st time upgrades. Launch ad on Emenu social media

  • Annually-Terms and Agreement contract, cancellation fee, 15% disc. on 1st time upgrades, 1 month free, 14 days feature. Launch ad on Emenu social media
  • You send us an email at or using the contact form on our website. Have your package selection as the subject and feel free to make all your questions and concerns known.

    Beltech is always looking to improve the E-Menu Application. We are open to discuss new features for the entire application or exclusive features.

    Contact us now to get a quotation or give your feedback on the E-Menu application.

    Contactless ordering is Belize’s newest way to get your customers order to the kitchen, and back to the table.

    Using QR code technology, consumers can sit at a table and use their smartphone to browse your menu and place orders from their seat. The order is sent to your Emenu system where it can be assigned and printed.

    The application allows administrators to generate QR Codes that can be assigned to a table number, a walk-in customer or simply display the menu. The QR Code must be saved, optionally placed into a custom design, and then printed and placed in the physical location.

    You can select any of our base packages from our listing and add as many features suitable for you. Some features are a yearly recurring payment whilst others will be an additional to the monthly.

    Yes you can. Your Emenu system may have been launched using a subdomain but you can easily upgrade to your own custom domain for a yearly recurring domain & hosting fee.

    If you have an existing domain, send us an email so we can see how our IT team can connect your domain to our server.