How It Works


Step 1

Package selection and custom features

Select a package from our listing and send as an email with the subject as your package selection. Questions and queries are welcomed.

Emenu will get back to you within 24 hours with a follow up email and meeting where details will be discussed and finalized.

Step 1


Step 2

Login and Customize

Upon agreement our team will launch your new emenu system as to your specifications and will send you an email with your login credentials.

Give it your unique twist

  • Make the system yours using images, Effects, Colors and graphics. Upload your menu using pictures of the perfect description.
  • Establish your team by opening manager, kitchen and delivery accounts (f applicable). and Digitize your venue with ideal placed qr codes.
  • E-menu offers an ever-growing list of advanced features for our clients to choose from. Varying from alternative payments to sales to marketing tools.
  • Want a custom feature made just for you? Just let us know so we begin to make it a reality.
Step 2

Step 3

Make your presence known

    Download, copy & share your QR code and link via social media, whats-app and other media to make your presence known in the online market.

    Don't offer delivery? Don't let that stop you, take advantage of your local couriers and have them handle the logistics for you. Step 3


Step 4

Invite, Promote and Enjoy

Upgrade to our contact less ordering add-on & digitize your in house ordering process.

Simply place your QR code at strategic locations, on the counter, on the table at the bar or pool. Easily keep track of orders, open tabs and .

Interested in getting some graphic design work? Want to have a custom QR code design to make you stand out? Need flyers to promote your new website? Send us an email to get your quote Step 4


Step 5

Lets keep in touch

Keep in touch: Emenu will always be readily available for assistance with any queries and concerns. Emenu will also be constantly updated with any improvements deemed necessary and will keep on providing new add-ons and upgrades.


Check out The Deck's EMenu on Google Play Store


Check out The Deck's EMenu on Google Play Store
Check out The Deck's EMenu on Google Play Store